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¥12.49 ¥16.49
Ex Tax: ¥12.49
Origin: Jiangsu Province
city: Xuzhou
County: Funing County
Is the taxi transportable?: Yes
package volume: 0.02
Brands: A mei xiang
model: 054
Installation instructions details: Provide installation instructions
Style positioning: Economic type
Gross weight: 3
Design elements: Do old, other, master design, stitching, folk customs
pattern: other
style: Simple and modern
Materials: Artificial board
Panel type: MDF/fiber board
Can be customized: no
Structural process: Wood-based panel technology
Artificial board structure process: other
Suitable: adult
Color classification: Single-layer [white], single-layer, shallow walnut color 】 【 double 【 】 black walnut color, double color 】 【 teak, double layer, shallow walnut color 】 【 double [white], double zone partition, black walnut color 】 【 double zone partition, teak color 】 【 double zone partition, shallow walnut color 】 【 double zone partition [white], tank + as single-layer, black walnut color 】 【 ark of teak color 】 【 + as single-layer tank + as single-layer, shallow walnut color 】 【 ark [white] + as single-layer, double-layer + three ark, black walnut color 】 【 double + three layers of ark of teak color 】 【 double + three ark, shallow walnut color 】 【 double + [white] three layers of ark, double zone partition + three layers Cabinet [black walnut], double layer with partition + three layer cabinet [teak color], double layer with partition + three layer cabinet [light walnut color], double layer with partition + three layer cabinet [white], three layer cabinet [message remarks color] default white

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