Product Code: 563991325737
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¥196.68 ¥254.68
Ex Tax: ¥196.68
warranty period: 12 months
Brands: ROCK/Locke
model: R4
Package Type: Official standard
Whether the mechanical keyboard: Non-mechanical keyboard
Connection method: wireless
Is there a multimedia function key: Have
Interface Type: Bluetooth
Does it support ergonomics?: stand by
Color: brand new
Color Classification: Scroll type [black] compact and easy to carry/multi-device freely switch

即日起因快递收件人实名制,为确保正常送达,请使用真实姓名下单,不能是先生、女士等代号 90天保:保护壳&贴膜&支架类&数据线&音频线 180天保:风扇&遥控类 365天保:充电器&充电宝&音频类 温馨提示:质保为非人为质量问题,部分产品以页面保修时间为准,如有疑问可咨询客服

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