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Origin: China Mainland
province: Yunnan Province
city: Baoshan City
Whether sugar: Sugar free
Packing: package
Degree of baking: Heavy baking
Package volume: 3 people
Package period: 1 week
Distribution frequency: 2 times a week
Taste: Alcohol
Coffee beans raw and cooked: Coffee cooked beans
Production license number: SC12053050223219
Product standards: NYT 605-2006
Factory name: Baoshan xinzhai coffee co. LTD
Site: Xiaoping tian, lujiang town, longyang district, baoshan city, yunnan province (bayi)
Contact information: 0875-2167868
Ingredient list: Arabica coffee beans
Storage method: Sealed dry
Shelf life: 365
Food additives: no
Production Date: January 1, 2019 to January 2, 2019

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